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6 tips for dealing with the media

Marketing your business can take a range of different forms, paid advertising, newspaper columns, leaflet drops – or talking to the media. While talking to the media can be daunting – here are some tips from an expert that might help you. Former AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou was subjected to media focus for more than [...]

Katherine Ashby speaking at a conference

Meet Katherine Ashby

We are excited to introduce Katherine Ashby, BT Insurance guru, as our guest speaker for the 2014 AFA National Conference. Katherine’s passion for life insurance began when she started her career as an adviser over a decade ago. Following senior roles in the industry including at IRESS as the principal researcher for RiskResearcher in Xplan, [...]

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How to advise the next generation

A new generation of clients is seeking financial advice – but the kind of advice and the way in which Gen Y clients prefer to receive it – is vastly different to the advice looked for by previous generations. The rise of the ‘digital native’ The type of younger clients seeking out financial advice for [...]